Where’s Nigel gone? Boys names and Girls names trends in the West Midlands revealed

We speak to shoppers on Harborne High Street to find out how they feel about their names

The best baby names in the West Midlands revealed

One of the most difficult tasks for parents of a new baby is deciding upon a name.

Choose the wrong one and the poor kid is stuck with it for years. Well this week the results of an annual survey by the Office of National Statistics to discover the most popular baby names has been revealed

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Well here in the West Midlands 1001 parents decided to name their new-born boy Muhammed or Mohammed whilst 358 chose Amelia.

Across the whole of the UK the most common boys name was Oliver and for girls, Olivia. They have been the most popular names in England since 2015.

Meghan and Harry’s influence are thought to have had some influence on Archie making the top ten nationally. 4225 boys were given that name.

TV is also thought to have inspired some parents with the names Otis and Maeve from the Netflix series Bad education gaining in popularity. They were amongst the largest climbers in the list alongside Milo which was 80th.

One trend is for younger mothers to use shortened versions of names compared to mothers aged over 35.

Sellina likes her name - but also likes the name Feya

Where’s Nigel gone?

One name that’s definitely fell out of favour is Nigel, maybe Brexit has had an effect as the Office of National Statistics recorded no babies with that name in the last year.

However as they only record names once there have been three or more births, due to data protection there could possibly be a couple of Nigel’s crawling around.

For girls Carol became technically extinct last year Cheryl close, only six babies were given that name.

One interesting aspect is how names fall out of favour, Paul and Sarah topped the lists in 1974 today they rank at 384th and 236th respectively.





Amelia - 358

Olivia - 321

Ava - 273

Isla - 268

Willow - 229

Freya - 208

Mia - 201

Poppy - 193

Ivy - 186

Evie - 182

Cathleen is very happy with her name, which she usually shortens to Cath


Muhammad - 666

Oliver - 403

Noah - 399

George - 373

Oscar - 342

Mohammed - 335

Arthur - 324

Archie - 323

Leo - 323

Harry - 321

Anthony gets called Ant and Tony - but when he was younger he always wanted to be called Bruce or Cliff

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