Where are the best places to live in Birmingham? here’s what locals say

We asked Brummies where the best places are in the city to live

Kings Heath and Jewellery Quarter were nominated as the best places to live in Birmingham by the Sunday Times, but do the people of Birmingham agree?

Are Brummies happy with the part of Birmingham they actually live? And where best captures the spirit of the city?

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We talked with locals in the city centre to find out.

Thomas, Birmingham

Thomas said:“The best place to live in Birmingham. It depends what you’re looking for. I mean, I live in Moseley, I spent quite a lot of time in Kings Heath as well. There’s a lot of music. There’s a lot of culture.”

“There’s a lot of people out there. It’s quite middle class and gentrified these days, but you know, it’s still really enjoyable. That area really, really shines, you know? But yeah, where else is nice? I love Handsworth. I love Handsworth a lot actually.

“Love going to eat there actually - all the Caribbean food and soul food. Absolutely love that. Harbourne’s very pretty. Edgbaston, if you’ve got a few quid, yeah.”

Roxy, Birmingham

Roxy said:“I live in Erdington. It’s definitely coming up now. It’s definitely getting a bit more gentrified. There’s really good places to, like, have wings in Erdington.

“But if I was to live anywhere, it would either be Edgbaston because of the greenery or Moseley again because of the greenery and there’s a beautiful park there - Cannon Hill Park - and I love the water fountain. I grew up around Moseley and I’d love to go back one day when I can afford it. So yeah, Moseley or Edgbaston - get yourself there.”

Phil Oldershaw, Birmingham

Phil added:“Best Places to Live in Birmingham and why? I live in the city centre just opposite the town hall right there. And I love being in the city centre because there’s always something going on.

“There’s changes taking place. It’s a really lively multicultural city. Who wouldn’t want to live somewhere like that with so much on the doorstep.”

The Sunday Times judges who included Birmingham in their Best Places to Live guide for 2022 gave attention to the city following the popularity of Peaky Blinders and the Commonwealth Games, both placing a spotlight on the city.

That along with the vast growth witnessed, the city has been going through what could be seen as a renaissance over recent years.

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