Met Office weather forecast - what will the weather be like for Bonfire Night in Birmingham?

Any hopes of crystal clear skies to see the colourful sparks of loud fireworks in Birmingham have been dashed as experts predict a mild and cloudy Bonfire Night weekend.

The Met Office have forecast a mild and dull weekend for the city of Birmingham as they prepare to enjoy their Bonfire Night celebrations.

Conditions are expected to remain largely dry throughout the weekend with the odd bright spell despite increasingly cloudy skies.

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There will be intermittent patchy rainfall as well as light winds that will coincide with milder temperatures.

Temperatures will remain between 10-11℃ overall.

Friday November 5

The first day of Bonfire Night celebrations will be at its sunniest and clearest.

Experts are forecasting dry conditions with bright spells of glistening sunshine set to grace the city.

No rainfall is expected and visibility will be consistently good or very good all day, meaning this is the best day of Bonfire Night weekend to set alight those colourful fireworks to best enjoy the show.

Temperatures will be fairly mild and remain between 6-10℃ overall.

Saturday November 6

The weather on the second day of celebrations is at its most cloudy and mundane.

The Met Office are expecting conditions to be dry all day along with fairly strong winds and increasingly cloudy skies.

There is expected to be highs of 100% sky coverage in the evening due to low clouds.

The Met Office warns that the night could see moments of isolated patchy rainfall.

However, visibility overall is still expected to be decent and will remain at best very good, meaning today would be a solid choice to bask in the Bonfire Night festivities.

Temperatures will remain mild consistently between 8-11℃.

Sunday November 7

Conditions will be rather dull and mundane on Sunday with dry conditions expected.

No rainfall is expected.

Visibility will be very good throughout the day - perfect time to head to a fireworks show and clearly spot the colourful sparkles.

Mild temperatures continue with highs of 11℃.