Halloween 2022: Birmingham Met Office weather forecast reveals if it will rain on trick or treaters today

Forget zombies, witches and mummies. There’s something that everyone fears during Halloween trick or treating - an unforeseen downpour!

Halloween in Birmingham is finally here! If you’re gearing up for trick or treating, there’s one key thing that you’ll need to know - what will the weather be like?

This is the first year since 2019 where Halloween in the UK hasn’t been marred by the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, fans of the spooky season will be keeping their fingers crossed for good weather.

Unfortunately, it appears as though Birmingham will be hit by rainfall during the afternoon and evening of Halloween. If you ’are planning on heading out, it may be a good idea to plan ahead and wear a waterproof Halloween costume or bring a brolly.

On the bright side, it isn’t expected to be particularly cold - so all is not lost. Here’s the full weather forecast for Halloween Monday 2022 in Birmingham.

Halloween weather forecast in Birmingham

Sadly, the Met Office predicts that it will indeed rain on Halloween this year in Birmingham. However, it is not expected to start raining until around 5pm.

The rain will continue throughout the night and into the early hours of Tuesday (November 1). The Met Office estimates that there is a 80-90% chance of rain from 5pm on Monday to 5am on Tuesday, so there’s little hope of escaping a soaking according to the stats.

Luckily, the Met Office doesn’t think that it will be particularly cold during the Halloween evening. Throughout the day, the average temperature will be around 15.C and by early evening that will drop to 14.C. By 6pm, temperatures will sit at around 13.C - it’s not expected to be any colder than this for the rest of the night.