Birmingham Weather: Met Office issues yellow status weather warning for fog - here are the details

The Met Office has said bus and train times in Birmingham could be delayed as a direct result of the fog.

Overnight fog has developed in Birmingham, forcing the Met Office to declare a yellow weather warning in the region. The fog “may linger for much of the day”, according to the Met Office’s weather report.

Under a yellow fog weather warning, you are advised to avoid travelling if possible. For drivers, if you must use the road, you are advised to drive slowly with your headlights dipped.

You are advised against using your full beams, as this can create a “white wall” effect that may impair your vision and that of other drivers. You’re also advised to use your fog lights, but you must make sure to turn them off when visibility returns.

The yellow weather warning isn’t exclusive to Birmingham. Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield are among the other locations in the UK that are experiencing dense fog this morning.

Additionally, fog may cause delays to public transport services. If this is your method of travelling, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your trains or buses to make sure they aren’t cancelled.

How long will the fog last in Birmingham?

The fog is expected to last until around 11am across the UK - by then, it should begin to clear up. According to the Met Office, the fog will be at its densest around 10am in Birmingham.

The north of Birmingham is forecasted to experience the fog for longer than the south. The Met Office’s weather report states that brighter spells will be “mostly confined to the south.”

While the fog may remain in patches throughout the day in Birmingham, it will have cleared up by Wednesday morning. The fog began developing at approximately 2am this morning in the UK, according to the Met Office.