Birmingham weather: Met Office forecast as rain sweeps across the country

It is looking to be a wet weekend in Birmingham according to the Met Office weather forecast

As we look ahead to the last weekend of November, most of us might have gotten used to the colder, wetter, autumn weather. The rainy, windy weather is looking to stay with us in Birmingham as we head towards December according to the Met Office.

Temperatures are still around 9C to 11C, so we might make it without a winter coat for a little while longer. But we will see some rain over the next few days, bringing familiar November weather across the Midlands.

Tuesday was brighter with some sunny spells during the afternoon, and feeling more pleasant than Monday. The day will stay mostly dry after early rain eases.

Maximum temperature 9C. Dry throughout the evening with clear intervals but turning chilly. Some mist and fog patches are forming overnight, but will mostly begin to clear in the early hours as cloud builds ahead of rain. Temperature will drop to around 2C.


Wednesday will see a wet and breezy morning with rain sweeping through, heavy at times. There will be some sunny spells later on through the day with some scattered blustery showers. Temperatures will be slightly warmer than Tuesday, peaking at 11C.

Outlook for Thursday to Saturday:

More rain will sweep across the region on Thursday and Saturday. The rain will bring milder weather but will be offset by strong winds. Friday will be a drier and cooler interlude.

The final weekend in November is looking to be a wet one in Birmingham.

Forecast looking forward:

Looking ahead from Sunday and into next week, the UK will face some unsettled weather with strong winds and rain. The month is looking to end with some heavy rain in the western parts of the UK.