Birmingham weather for Platinum Jubilee weekend 2022: what is Met Office weather forecast for long weekend?

The four day weekend kicks off in two weeks

The Platinum Jubilee weekend will see Queen Elizabeth II become the first monarch in British history to mark 70 years on the throne.

The weekend will be marked with celebrations across the country, including right here in Birmingham.

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An important factor in most of these events will be the weather, and we can now start to get an idea of what it will look like for the weekend.

Whether you are spending the weekend celebrating the jubilee or you are looking to get away from it all for a few days, the weather forecast will be important to keep in mind.

Here’s what it currently looks like for the weekend.

When is the bank holiday weekend?

The Platinum Jubilee weekend begins on Thursday, 2 June and finishes on Sunday, 5 June.

The weekend consists of two bank holidays which fall on 2 and 3 June. These are the rearranged late bank holiday and a special bank holiday created for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

What is the outlook for the Jubilee weekend?

Weather site Accuweather has a forecast which covers the weekend, and here is a summary of each day of the forecast.

Thursday 2 June

It looks like there could be a wet start to the weekend for many in Birmingham, with a temperature of around 17°C for most of the afternoon.

The second half of the day may have a chance of showers, but we shouldn’t lose too much of the temperature.

There might be a muggy feel to the day, with some chances of a light breeze in the afternoon.

Thursday night should be cooler, with clearer skies.

Friday 3 June

Friday will be see less sunshine and more clouds, unfortunatly, but the temperature should still remain comfortably in double figures despite some showers.

There will be a high temperature of 18°C across the city, but any outdoor plans should be safe from rain or wind.

The skies should be clearer by the evening, with temperatures dropping to as low as 10°C through the evening.

Saturday 4 June

Saturday moring could have a wet, drizzly feel to it, but this should clear by the afternoon and see temperatures in the region of 18°C by the afternoon.

Saturday night could be much cooler but remaining dry at around 9°C

Sunday 5 June

There will be more sun around in the afternoon but a wet start is likely again, and temperatures could drop slightly to around 18C.

Sunday night will be clear with temperatures of around 10°C.

What is the Met Office long range forecast for the UK?

The long range forecast from the Met Office now covers the beginning of June, including the Platinum Jubilee weekend.

Below is the current Met Office forecast which covers 24 May to 7 June.

The forecast reads: “Through this period, we can expect to see a change in the weather to more widely unsettled conditions.

With spells of rain or showers for most, some potentially heavy or thundery, drier spells do remain possible especially in the south and southwest.

“Temperatures will continue to be above average, especially in the south where it could remain warm or very warm further into the period. Further north, a return to nearer normal temperatures is possible.”

When is the next bank holiday in England?

Following the Platinum Jubilee weekend, the next bank holiday will be on 29 August 2022.