Video: What Brummies really think about the Commonwealth Games 2022

The countdown is on for Birmingham 2022 when a billion people are expected to see our city host the Commonwealth Games - but how are Brummies reacting to their city being in the international spotlight?

The preparations for Birmingham 2022 are well under way.

It’s the biggest event the city has ever staged - and the biggest held in the UK for over a decade.

Hundreds of athletes from the 72 Commonwealth nations will be competing across the city, and wider West Midlands region, in 286 sessions of sport across 19 different sports over 11 days of competition.

The Birmingham 2022 volunteers are currently undergoing a selection process with hundreds applying to help out.

Commonwealth Games officially begin on 28 July 2022. But the countdown is already underway with the Queen’s Baton Relay currently making it’s way around the globe.

The Commonwealth Games Festival is due to start in March and will run right through to February with an exciting array of performances from some of Birmingham’s most talented artists.

But how does the man on the street feel about Bimingham 2022?

BirminghamWorld ventured out into the city centre to find out your reactions.

Yasin is very excited about Birmingham 2022

‘Very excited’

Yasin said: “I’m very excited about it. I welcome it - and I think it’s an opportunity for the city to share the diversity we have.

“Birmingham is a very optimistic city. A large percentage of our population is young, optimistic and happy to be part of the city.

“So anything that has to do with bringing in more investment, more awareness of our city - I’m happy for it to happen.”

Cathmijovic thinks Birmingham 2022 is a wonderful opportunity for the city

‘It’s wonderful’

Cathmijovic said: “I think it will promote how wonderful the city is. All the different areas that we’ve got, the green spaces, the sports facilities - the people, how welcoming they are.

“Basically, I think Birmingham has been a bit neglected because it is the second city and it doesn’t really get mentioned terribly much on national news for good things.

“I hope the Commonwealth Games will really showcase what we’ve got.”

Mia thinks the Commonwealth Games 2022 are going to be really great

‘Really great’

Mia said: “It’s really great for us. It’ll bring a lot of tourism, definitely, and make everywhere a lot more busier than it already is.”

Linda things Birmingham 2022 is something for everyone to look forward to

‘Something for people to look forward to’

Linda said: “I’ve lived in Derbyshire since 1974 and I’ve been coming to Birmingham since then, because my best friend had a job here - and it was a dump. I’ve got to say, everything was really shabby and it was a dump.

“But I just think it’s wonderful now. I was just saying to my daughter how wonderful it is. My grandchildren are very athletic and we were talking about the Commonwealth Games coming here, so I really think it’s something for people to look forward to.”

Fatimah and David think there are good and bad points about the Commonwealth Games

‘On the one hand it’s good, but...’

Fatimah and David said: “I’ve got a bit of a contradictory point of view. On the one hand, I suppose it’s good for the city, there will be inward investment, the visitors.

On the other hand, there’s so many parts of our city that need a lot of work doing to them - you can’t help but think that the investment might have been better going to some of the deprived areas.”

Maria is excited about Birmingham 2022 as it will bring so many people together

‘Brings everyone together’

Maria said: “It’s such a diverse city. It’s good to host such an event because it brings everyone together, and the Commonwealth countries and the Games are just part of many different nations and different people.”

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