The best school trips in Birmingham, according to locals

From Wales to Drayton Manor, we ask the people of Birmingham to take a trip down memory lane and let us know about their favourite school trips

Most of us more than likely have fond memories of school trips. Whether they offered an enhancement to our education, or just gave us a bit of time out of the classroom to potter about, many of us can still remember those special days like they were yesterday. So we hit the streets of Birmingham to find out what their favourite school trips were.

You can see all the comments in the top of this story, or read a selection below. Please get in touch and let us know what your best school trip was too.

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Harvey, Birmingham

Harvey says:

“Being the eldest in my family, being at home, you’re always sort of, you know, restricted - mollycoddled. You’re wrapped up in cotton wool. But when it came to your school trips, it was just freedom, wasn’t it? Few places that come to mind or one place in Wales. Llanbedr, I think it was called - my secondary school had a hostel out there.

“So that was a week away, going through Wales, going through all the scenery. A couple of coal mines, Slate mines, and just obviously through the hills as well, which was fantastic. And another one which is local to us Kingswood, in, I think it is towards Cannock.

“And that’s always at the forefront of my mind, because that was an educational place that I went to when I was a kid - really enjoyed it. And now my daughters are prospering from that place as well. So it’s really good to see that they go back, they’re talking about the same things that I saw, which is really fantastic to know that they’re still going and giving that for the community”

Nina, Birmingham

Nina says: “School trips, for whatever reason, seemed to be quite expensive. But I do remember I went to - I think it was Blackpool, where it was like a beach side area. And that was really nice. I went with my friend. And the weather was nice. We didn’t have to pay much apart from, like, rollercoasters and stuff, which we later went on.”

Ruth, Birmingham

Ruth says: “The 25th is my favourite day of the month, always, because on June 25th we would go to Drayton Manor every year. 25th is Drayton Manor day in my head. So I’m already buzzing. It’s my day off, 25th! And that all came from school trips. And I still hold tthat day really special in my heart - June 25th - because that’s when we’d go to Drayton Manor!”

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