The 10 richest West Midlands billionaires & millionaires, according to the Sunday Times Rich List 2022

There are multiple billionaires among the richest in the West Midlands - some have a long legacy while others are new entrepreneurs

Every year, the Sunday Times compiles a list of the richest people in the country and while we wait for the 2023 list, here’s looking at the top 1% of the West Midlands in 2022.

There are multiple billionaires among the richest in the West Midlands. Some of them have a long legacy while others are new entrepreneurs who have made it big. However, the richest people in the West Midlands are ranked 17th across the country - so none of our local billionaires made it into the UK top 10.

The people topping the Sunday Times Rich List for the whole of the UK are Sri and Gopi Hinduja and family who have a net worth of £28.472bn.

They run the Hinduja Group which is an Indian transnational conglomerate that deals in automotive, oil and specialty chemicals, banking and finance, IT and ITeS, cyber security, healthcare, trading, infrastructure project development, media and entertainment, power, and real estate.

The second richest in the country are Sir James Dyson and family - who are worth £23bn. Sir James is a British inventor, industrial designer, farmer, and billionaire entrepreneur who founded Dyson Ltd.

Here are the top 10 richest people from the West Midlands (Photo - Unsplash/ Dmitry Vecherko)

Here are the richest people in the West Midlands, according to the Sunday Times:

1. Denise, John and Peter Coates (Rank 17 overall)

The richest people in the West Midlands are the founders are a betting company - Bet365. Their wealth in 2022 was £8.637bn. They gained £189 since 2021. They also own Stoke City football club.

bet365 Chief Executive Denise Coates (Photo by Sean Dempsey - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

2. Lord Bamford and family (Rank 42 overall)

JCB chairman Lord Anthony Bamfordis the second richest person in the West Midlands. His father - Joseph Bamford - is the founder of JCB. Lord Bamford was worth £4.32 billion in 2022. His wealth fell by £275m in 2021.

Lord Bamford and Lady Bamford (Photo by Luke Walker/Getty Images for Starlight Children's Foundation)

3. Tony Murray and family (Rank 70 overall)

The French-born British billionaire and his family own Andrew Sykes Group which is a heating and air-conditioning equipment hire company. They also own London Security, the Leeds-based fire protection business. They are worth £2.53bn - which was an increase of £230m in 2022. Tony Murray might be the oldest billionaire in the list as he turned 103 in February.

4. John Caudwell (Rank 115 overall)

Founder of now defunct phone retailer Phones4U, John Caudwell was worth £1.58bn in 2022. He also invests in fashion, real estate and other industries, and chairs Caudwell Children, a children’s charity, and Caudwell LymeCo.

5. Sir Tony Gallagher (Rank 140 overall)

Sir Tony Gallagher, 71, is a developer who foundedGallagher Estates and Gallagher Developments. He was worth £1.25bn in 2022 and that includes an increase in wealth of £150m.

6. Caspar MacDonald-Hall and family (Rank 183 overall)

Caspar MacDonald-Hall, the founder of London and Cambridge Properties, is also a developer and he was worth £954m in 2022. His wealth increased by £45m last year.

7. Roy Richardson and family (Rank 185 overall)

Roy Richardson is also a property developer. He is the Life President of the Richardsons organisation. His wealth stood at £945m in 2022. It increased by £50m in 2022.

8. Ben Francis and family (Rank 191 overall)

Ben Francis is an young entrepreneur who founded Gymshark - the sportswear brand. He is worth £900m and saw an increase of £200 in 2022.

9. Sir Peter, James and Steve Rigby (Rank 206 overall)

The Rigby family own the Rigby group and their businesses include computers, aviation and hospitality. Their wealth was £804m in 2022 - an increase of £29m.

10. Lord Edmiston (Rank 216 overall)

Robert Norman Edmiston, Baron Edmiston is a British billionaire businessman and motor trade entrepreneur. His wealth was £763m after a decrease of £134m in 2022.