'My new acupuncturist': Joe Lycett says as he introduces an Australian quokka named Craig

Joe Lycett has uploaded an interesting post to Instagram, featuring his ‘new acupuncturist’.

Comedian Joe Lycett has introduced his 'new acupuncturist' to his Instagram followersComedian Joe Lycett has introduced his 'new acupuncturist' to his Instagram followers
Comedian Joe Lycett has introduced his 'new acupuncturist' to his Instagram followers

Joe Lycett has tickled his fans with a hilarious Instagram post from his travels in Australia. The Brummie comedian, 34, has been touring down under, but is set to return to the UK for a show in the Lake District this Monday (29 May).

The post, featuring seven snaps, is highlighted by a selfie of Joe and his “new acupuncturist”. Of course, in typical Joe Lycett fashion, the holistic therapist is an Australian marsupial known as a quokka. 

The Travel Man presenter captioned the post: “Just a little post to introduce you to Craig, my new acupuncturist who is honestly one of the best I’ve EVER had even though he can be a bit slapdash and get distracted by leaves. We have such a good rapport and are actually really good friends and he’s only punctured two of my internal organs but did it in a VERY sweet way !!😊 🤣🤣

“He’s so cheerful and available for sessions Monday to Thursday but takes a long weekend to relax and have lunches where he eats shit off the ground!!! He is so cheerful and smiley and curious as you can see when he went into my bag and sold my belongings for fresh fruit. If you want a session he does home visits dm me for details. #ad #gifted #freshfruit #leaves”.

Sarah Pascoe, who took over from Joe on the Great British Spelling Bee TV show, responded to the post, writing: “I love him”. Another one of Joe’s 1.3 million followers, said: “Please can Craig be a regular feature at Queens Heath Pride?”

Quokkas are native only to the south west region of Western Australia. They are nocturnal herbivores, about the size of a pet cat. Like Craig, they often appear to be smiling, and are known to stick out their tongue to help cool down.

Since arriving in Wellington for his New Zealand and Australia tour on 5 May, the Late Night Lycett host has visited eight venues across both countries. These included Auckland, Brisbane, Sydney, and Perth. Due to popular demand, Joe even added an extra show to his tour, staying a day longer in Adelaide than expected. The comedian’s last stop of the tour came last night (24 May) in Melbourne.