I asked Brummies if they preferred cats or dogs & found a lot of love for our furry friends

Do the people of Birmingham prefer cats or dogs? And what pet would they choose if they could have any animal in the world?

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Well it’s a question that’s been on everyone’s lips for a while now - do Brummies prefer cats or dogs? I know my own preference, and you know yours, so it’s time to find out whether we’re part of the consensus. I’m here on the streets of Birmingham to ask the very question.

The pets in our lives can often be a source of a lot of comfort and joy, as well as a lot of responsibility. Ultimately everyone is different and we’ll naturally choose whatever pet fits into our lifestyles.

So I also wanted to find out what animal people would choose for a pet if they could have any animal in the world, what would it be and why? I was quite surprised by some of the answers I received.

Janine says: “I like dogs. Yeah, I do like cats but I’d say dogs. I had a dog for 17 years. They’re just so friendly and faithful. They’re just brilliant friends.

Joseph says: “Cats. Just because my family have them and yeah, you can have some good play fights with them. They tend to have more of a boxing stance. So yeah, I find it quite fun playing with the cats.

“If I was going to choose any animal for a pet then I would probably opt for a giraffe, purely because I want a massive house with like four floors, so that would be perfect to feed it from the very top window or balcony. Yep.”

Francis says: “Dogs. But I don’t really like dogs. I just hate cats. That’s it. I don’t like cats. They come for me. They know I don’t like them and they always come for me.”

“But if I could pick any pet I would go for a pig. I just find them really cute. Even when they’re massive. They’re cute. They’re really intelligent, emotionally intelligent. I love them.”

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