Why the NEC is launching one of Europe’s largest Electric Vehicle charging stations

The EV Network is launching one of Europe’s largest Electric Vehicle charging hubs in Birmingham

The project will consist of large numbers of high powered, ultra power DC chargers, as well as the number of AC chargers for the visitors to the NEC. The work has already started, with planning permission approved a few months ago, and construction expected to begin in the next few weeks.

Reza Shaybani, CEO of The EV Network, believes that the NEC is the perfect location for the charging hub due to its strategic location in the heart of the UK. He says: “With Birmingham Airport being so close and the high numbers of visitors, shows, exhibitions - it’s very much prime location for convenient use of drivers on the move or in destination charging.”

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Reza Shaybani, CEO of The EV Network

Shaybani is an electric vehicle driver himself and has been for the last two years. He says that once you’ve driven an electric car, you will never go back to petrol or diesel cars. He notes that having access to high power chargers in strategic locations is key to making electric cars a viable option for everyone.

He says: “Charging your car, and the habit that you take, it very much depends on your journey and the plans that you make in your journey. Charging is also about B to A and not A to B. So we charge at home, we go to a destination, we want to get back and we must have access to high power chargers in strategic locations in order to charge your car and get back to A again.

“With the NEC being such a popular destination, it is the perfect place to build an electric vehicle charging infrastructure. This will offer a great convenience to the 1.2 million car park users and the 7 million people who visit the NEC each year.”

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