Inside Edwardian Moseley Road Baths in Birmingham after renovation - one of Britain’s oldest swimming pools

Grade II star Edwardian swimming pool on Moseley Road in Balsall Heath, Birmingham, is one of Britain’s oldest public swimming pools - and it’s reopening tomorrow (Monday February 27)

Take a look inside one of Britain’s oldest swimming baths which is due to reopen next week - after being saved and returned to its former glory.

The 116-year-old Moseley Road Baths in Birmingham is a Grade-II star listed Edwardian pool which was opened in 1907.

Photos show the 21 meter pool with changing rooms positioned down each side and an old fashioned tile pattern on the wall.

It’s popular within the local community, but has been closed for public swimming since November 2022 due to a fault with the pool heating system.

Replacement calorifiers were fitted earlier this month, and in the mean time, volunteers have been working hard to get the baths ‘spick and span’.

The scheduled reopening date is Monday, February 27.

The marketing communications officer for Moseley Road Baths, Sadim Garvey, said: “Birmingham City Council sent a repair team that had to custom make and fit the new calorifier.

“It takes two weeks for the pool to be reheated, at a pace of two degrees a day, and in the meantime a community of cold water swimmers have been using the facilities.

“Since it’s been closed, local schools haven’t been able to use the pool so we’re really looking forward to having them back.”