Is Birmingham really one of the UK’s worst nights out?

A recent survey by Get Licensed has claimed that Birmingham is the sixth worst night out in the UK. Do you agree?

Birmingham has more than its fair share of pubs, clubs and bars which entertain thousands of people every week.

There’s some huge chains along with a host of independents offering a diverse range of food, drink and music.

Yet recent research from Get Licensed has claimed that it is the 6th worst night out in the UK! The study looked at the number of venues per head in the city, the cost of a pint and range of safety issues.

Birmingham’s overall score came out at 3.11 out of 10. It’s got 12.48 bars and cubs per 100,000 people, the average price of a pint is £3.41 and it’s Numbeo safety index score out of 100 was 38.09, with a score of 29.2 out of 100 for safety walking alone at night.

Birmingham fared better than it’s neighbours in Coventry, which has been voted the worst night out in Britain, overall - with a score of 2.12. It also fared better than Slough, London, Bradford and Southend-on-Sea.

But apparently you can have a better time in Huddersfield, Belfast Wolverhampton and Milton Keynes which all scored higher than Birmingham.

Shocked at these results, BirminghamWorld took to the streets of our city to find out what the people think of these findings. You can see all the comments in the video at the top of our story. Or read a selection below. Please let us know what you think too.

Summer, Birmingham

Summer says: “Birmingham is amazing for a night out because of diversity. You can get any music you want - any different genre you want in Birmingham. You can get live rock bands, you can get reggae bands, you can get Drum ‘n’ Bass, you can get your normal pop night out, just anything! Anything you’re looking for, any day of the week.”

Leon, Birmingham

Leon says: “I genuinely think Birmingham is not one of the worst nights out. I love the diversity that’s incorporated into the community. Like when you come out to Birmingham, I feel like it offers a little bit for everybody. Of course, if you go to the more prominent areas, you are probably going to get yourself into a discussion, just because of the sheer amount of people that are there, you’re gonna find someone who doesn’t have the same opinion as you. But I do think all in all, Birmingham is so wide and big that it offers a little bit to everybody.”

Mosele, Toago, Birmingham

Mosele says: “I think the only issue could be as a woman maybe? I just know it can be a little bit dangerous. Like I’ve had a few friends who have told me about spiking and things like that. They have to be careful. That’s the only thing - safety wise maybe? But I think the actual clubs and actual places are pretty nice. From what I’ve experienced. But yeah, that’s the only thing.”

You can see all the research from Get Licensed here: Britain’s Best Night Out

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