Has Angela Rayner been treated unfairly by politicians over Boris Johnson distraction claims?

Claims that Labour MP and Shadow Chancellor Angela Rayner has been attempting to distract Prime Minister Boris Johnson on the House of Commons by crossing her legs has provoked a lot of local reaction

There has been condemnation from many politicians following the claim that some Conservative MPs suggested Angela Rayner attempted to distract Boris Johnson by crossing and uncrossing her legs in the Commons.

We hit the streets of Birmingham to find out if Brummies, too, think Labour’s deputy leader has been treated unfairly. You can seel all the reaction in the video at the top of our story and read some of the comments below. Please let us know what you think as well.

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Harvey, Birmingham

Harvey said: “Well, in regards to Angela Rayner then, I mean, I did catch the news this morning on the way to work - caught a bit of it yesterday. I think it’s very unfortunate that they’re using tactics, as such, to say - denigrate her, really.

“She’s a lady in this society who’s trying to make an impact - whether that be for either party - but to label her as ‘Sharon Stone’ crossing legs, I think, was very inappropriate and uncalled for.”

Nina, Birmingham

Nina said: “Definitely sexualizing women in a way that should not be done with simple stuff like crossing your legs, like showing your shoulder or something. It’s not really sexual, but people deem it to be for whatever reason. Definitely misogynist!”

Brian & Irene, Birmingham

Brian said: “Well with the Rayner thing, with her on about showing her legs - I don’t think she showed enough of her legs for it to be an issue. Because she’s got a dress on - it was covering all of her legs, what I’ve seen on the television, and I don’t think it was an issue.

“I think the MP that raised it, raised it as part of the Conservative Party to divert the opinions and conversation about what’s going on with Boris Johnson. AndI think it’s all just a blind. That’s the end of that.”

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