Fish and chips near me: why are fish and chips getting so expensive in Birmingham?

BirminghamWorld speaks to historic Bedders Fish & Chips in Hay Mills and an industry expert as prices are hitting £9 in parts of the UK - and could get higher! 

The average portion of fish and chips in the UK is said to set you back between £6.50 and £9 depending on where you live.

Experts warn prices may rise further and that one in three fish and chip shops may be at risk of closure due to the rising cost of oil and supply issues.

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The cost and supply of oil is just the latest blow to businesses like the traditional takeaway. Rising costs across the board from gas and electric to rents follows a tricky time amid forced closures during the pandemic.

Experts warn of a risk posed, not only to the livelihood of small businesses, but British culture too in the next six months as many will be forced to shut down their friers for good.

Will Simmonds from Bedders Fish & Chips

What does historic chippy Bedders say about the cost of living pressures?

Will Simmonds, from Bedders Fish & Chips, said: “We’ve been around since 1946, so we’re a bit of an icon.

“We use a vegetable fat, and we use about seven boxes a week - it’s probably one of the biggest costs in our business. It definitely adds up if it goes up by a couple of pounds, like it has done.

“Rising oil costs and rising paper costs and gas and electric and any form of energy, yes, it’s definitely going to have an effect, and I should imagine that some businesses that aren’t as fortunate as us that have a loyal customer base will suffer.”

Bedders Fish & Chips in Hay Mills, Birmingham

But why has the price of oil gone up by so much?

Andrew Crook, Chairman, National Federation of Fish Friers, said: “A lot of sunflower oil comes from Ukraine, so obviously there’s a risk of that stopping coming out of Ukraine.

“There’s also a back problem with rape seed oil, so there’s not a lot of that on the market.

“With farm oil, some have got issues with Covid, so all that combined means that we’re in very short supply.

“We’ve just got to hope that I’m not one of them, because I’m not immune from it. I’ve got a business. I’ve got staff, I’ve got costs, I’m providing jobs for them. They’re definitely at risk.

We’ve got to do everything we can now to try and get as many businesses through as possible.”

Bedders Fish & Chips in Hay Mills, Birmingham

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