Fifties Birmingham: Fabulous 50s Birmingham in 39 pictures

Here’s 39 pictures taking you back to Fifties Birmingham

The Fifties were a decade that was mainly focused on the recovery from World War Two with Birmingham being far from an attractive place with slum housing conditions being visible across the city.

Health remained poor in the city with Birmingham with illnesses like tuberculosis being rife ahead of the nationwide BCG immunisation programme. It wasn’t an easy decade to grow up in, but many who experience these times do look back on them with fondness.

It was a decade that saw the birth of rock and roll with figures such as Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry and Buddy Holly becoming recognisable with the dawn of the Cold War and the crowning of Queen Elizabeth II.

There were huge advances in infrastructure with the first motorway between Birmingham and London being opened. Aston Villa won the FA Cup beating Manchester United 2-1 and a Blues player was in the England team.

The following 39 pictures show life in Birmingham during the Fifties and the changing landscape, fashions and transport.