Father’s Day 2022 in Birmingham: What makes your dad the best?

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads - here’s what makes you so special

Celebrated on the third Sunday of June, Father’s Day is that special time for people to celebrate the positive male role models in their life. Said to have come into tradition here in the UK after World War 2, the day offers an opportunity to show some extra appreciation - so we ask Brummies what it is they appreciate most about their dads.

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Lisa says: “Oh, my dad is amazing. So my dad is 79. He has still got all his faculties. He’s also someone who had a very difficult life and upbringing. But you know what he raised his kids that are, you know, I’m one of five, and he raised us to, you know, to be able to have freedom of speech and, you know, supportive to do what we want to do.”

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Jake says: “My dad is always there when I need him the most. He’s very, very dependable, and he’s got a phenomenal sense of humour.”

Katie in Birmingham shares her thoughts on what makes her dad the best

Katie says: “Okay, my dad’s brilliant, he’s fantastic. He’s just turned 72 years old. He’s decided at 72 years old that he’s still got a fantastic lease of life left in him. And so he’s actually resigning from his current job. And he’s retrained as a personal trainer! At 72 years old. He’s decided, you know, this is where life starts.”

Frankie in Birmingham shares her thoughts on what makes her dad the best

Frankie says: “He fought in the Second World War, a soldier. Ordinary man, labourer job, just worked very hard all his life. Served in the army. And that’s what made him stand out.”

Steven in Birmingham shares her thoughts on what makes his dad the best

Steven says: “When in his 30s he lost his fingers underneath the power press. And he always told us to be proud of what disabilities you got. Never been degraded by other people. And when you lose something, it breaks your heart, but you got to continue fighting.

“And that’s what he taught us. Although he was strict here and there. He was only a small man, but he had always been proud, always walked proud and that’s the way my father stood out, and he would also give a helping hand to everybody who’s got something wrong with them. Make me cry now, it will.

“That’s what your father was for, like your mom. They were there to push you forward to give you a bigger oomph. I mean, I nearly died in hospital in the 70s. He showed me how to fight back and my parents would say - don’t give up to nothing and fight all the way to the day you die. And that’s the way my father stood out.”

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