Is this shocking pink burger set to be served in Birmingham the most calorific in town?

A burger in a doughnut smothered in pink icing is going on sale in Birmingham City Centre

You can have this cake and eat it - because this sweet, yet savoury, treat defies the laws of what we know of as cake.

Burger chain Fat Hippo - known for their quirky creations - has come up with a burger that is almost a cake - and they are bringing their burger sandwiched between iced doughnuts as buns to their restaurant on Bennetts Hill.

The shocking pink cake burger, covered in rainbow sprinkles, is inspired by American cartoon character Homer Simpson from The Simpsons show. Fat Hippo has collaborated with doughnut creators Project D on the new menu option. The burger will be available for just one month in all Fat Hippo restaurants, including in Birmingham.

Named as The Big D’oh! it is sandwiched in Project D ‘Homer’ doughnut. The insides are Fat Hippo’s signature brined, double-fried, boneless, buttermilk chicken seasoned with chilli and lime, smoked bacon, blueberry jello and herby cream cheese.

It will come with a free side of fries, just like all Fat Hippo burgers. The fries have been upgraded with chilli and lime seasoning, which can be purchased separately. However, the burger has no vegan version available, a Fat Hippo spokesperson told BirminghamWorld.

But how many calories does this cake/ burger contain?

You may well wonder just how calorific this sugar coated burger is - with burgers often being considered a fast food item to avoid if you’re looking for healthy food items.

According to Live an average burger contains around 520 calories. Among the most calorie laden burgers is the Double Bacon Cheese burger at Frankie & Benny’s, according to the Daily Mail. A Five Guys cheeseburger in the UK has 984 calories, reports. And a McDonald’s Big Mac contains 550 calories.

BirminghamWorld asked Fat Hippo’s how many calories their new The Big D’oh would contain and they said it had 620kcals or 2,594kj.

Fat Hippo releases new burger
Fat Hippo releases new burger
Fat Hippo releases new burger

Who is the inspiration?

The Big D’oh! is inspired by Mr Homer Simpson of The Simpsons fame. The character has starred in almost 750 episodes since 1989 and his favourite doughnut - pink iced with rainbow sprinkles - is one of the most recognisable sweet treats in history.

Homer Simpson (Photo -FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images)
Homer Simpson (Photo -FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images)
Homer Simpson (Photo -FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images)

What Fat Hippo said

Fat Hippo Head Chef, Richard Nelson said; “Our BurgerLab love an exciting brief and our specials allow them to work with a range of new and exciting flavours, ingredients and suppliers to really get creative. We first noticed Project D on Tiktok, with their viral video creating the ‘Homer doughnut’ and knew we had to do something with them! It’s been a pleasure working with such trendsetters of the fast-growing dessert world.”

How to order in Birmingham?

The Big D’oh! is available to order via the Deliveroo app or website or Fat Hippo’s Click+Collect platform as well as in all Fat Hippo restaurants from March 22 - April 22.