Eid al-Adha Birmingham: 10 photos of biggest Eid celebrations in Europe at Small Heath Park in Birmingham

Eid is a single day that signals the end of Ramadan and the start of Shawwal

Tens of thousands of Muslims gathered in a Birmingham park to take part in one of the largest Eid celebrations in Europe.

Worshippers from across the country descended on Small Heath Park from early Saturday morning (July 9) to mark Eid-al-Adha.

In Islam, there are two Eid celebrations. The first of these, Eid-ul-Fitr, takes place at the end of Ramadan in May.

Eid-ul-Adha is the second of these, and is known as the Greater Eid. This Greater Eid, as described by charity Muslim Aid, follows the completion of the annual Hajj pilgrimage, at the time of Qurbani (sacrifice).

Organisers from Green Lane Masjid and Community Centre said more than 10,000 were expected to attend the event which is celebrating its tenth year.

Saleem Ahmed, project manager for Eid in the Park said: “Eid is about spending quality time with family, friends, and the community at large, as a form of worship and a show of unity.

"We at Green Lane Masjid look forward to host yet another Eid in the park for all to enjoy."

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