Covid-19 omicron variant: should we have another lockdown?

With the decision on whether to lockdown England hanging in the balance people across Birmingham give their views on whether they would support this action

As the omircon variant of Covid-19 continues to spread the potential of a lockdown in England is once again being mooted.

Boris Johnson wants a few more days to assess data on London hospital admissions, the severity of the Omicron strain and how well vaccines protect against serious illness.

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Four in five cases in the capital are now testing as omircon, with health experts advising that they expect the omicron variant to peak in Birmingham by mid-January.

If the data looks good, it is expected that the government will try to get by with tough guidance only. If not, plans have been drawn up for a two to four-week circuit breaker that would ban indoor mixing.

But how do local feel about the possibility of another lockdown on the way?

Chris and Becky

‘Another lockdown would be sensible’

Chris says: “I think in terms of the risk, I think another lockdown would be sensible. Yeah, I think it’s hard to argue. As much as I don’t want one and personally, I would rather not lock down, I think, actually locking down would be sensible option really.”


‘A two-week circuit breaker would probably do everyone good’

Gabby says: “I kind of actually would. I currently work in retail, I’ve been working myself to the bone and actually wouldn’t mind a bit of time off! That’s quite a selfish thing. It would just give me time to like, work on stuff. It’s hard, though, because I know so many people who work in hospitality and retail need that work. I think, like at least two weeks circuit breaker would probably do everyone good just to take some time and reflect and then get back, get back to work.


‘I would support another lockdown’

Will says: “I would support another lockdown, just to make sure that everyone’s safe and well. I’d like it to be considered - for hospitality to be considered where possible. But I think in order to save lives, then yes, I would support another lockdown.”


‘Yeah - I would support a lockdown if it was required’

David says: “I think if we really need to, the numbers are going up then. Possibly. Yeah, I’m honest. Yeah. Just to kind of get a circuit break. I think that would - I consider it, but the scientists are kind of in charge. Yeah, but it does seem to be spreading rapidly. So it worries me with my family and things like that - I’ve got a young family. And maybe like my mom was coming over for Christmas, we haven’t done that now. So yeah, possibly if required..

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