The 14 best pubs & bars to get a cheap pint in Birmingham

Here are the pubs and bars in Birmingham where you can get a cheap pint

It’s a question that many ask themselves after a long day at work or during the weekend, where can we get a nice, cheap pint?

To make life a little easier, we’ve had a look at the cheapest pubs and bars to get a pint in Birmingham - with one venue charging £2 a pint.

The average price of a pint has been on the rise during the last year as pubs have been forced to hike their prices up as a result of inflation and the war in Ukraine.

Beer prices have increased by more than 70% since the 2008 financial crash and pub-goers are now having to fork out more than £7 in some venues in the UK.

To help keep your costs down, we’ve compiled a list of bars and pubs offering cheap drinks in the city. We’ve taken a look on Google reviews, Trip Advisor and online to see the other pubs and bars where you can get some of the cheapest pints in the city. Please remember to drink responsibly.

These are 12 of the cheapest bars and pubs you can visit for a refreshing pint in and around Birmingham.

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