Buses and trains in Birmingham - what you say needs to be improved

West Midlands Combined Authority has been awarded £1bn to improve transport in our region. Here’s how you think the money should be spent

The Government has awarded West Midlands Combined Authority £1bn to improve its transport infrastructure.

The funding was given following a bid by the Combined Authority which has ambitious plans to drive a green transport revolution.

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WMCA plans include tram extensions, more train stations, new buses, more electric vehicle charging points and extra cycle network which form part of an overall ambition for the West Midlands to be Net Zero by 2041.

But WMCA actually bid for £2bh - so the question remains, which projects are likely to go ahead?

The Combined Authority is debating which projects should receive the funding with a full decision made in the first part of next year.

Here’s where you think the money should be spent.

A tram in Birmingham

Don’t spend the money on cycle lanes

Barry said: “Buses and train’s, not cycle lanes, I against cyclists, they are a pain in the neck. The cyclists ride everywhere, on the footpaths, everywhere.

“When I was growing up you had to ride in the road, but now, cyclists are just riding anywhere. You see them here with these people who are delivering the food and the cyclists riding round.

“If it’s old people walking around they could get hurt, couldn’t they.”

More bus stops and train stations

Gilmore said: “The main thing with public transport is trying to get people out of their cars, isn’t it. As long as people can get to the public transport quick enough, whether it’s a bus or a train.

“It’s also making sure you can get from a bus to a train, making sure you don’t have to walk for miles to get to a train station or a bus stop - and if they’re not waiting too long at bus stops - it’s alright isn’t it?”

Sarah comments on her experience of public transport in the West Midlands

Make the train stations cleaner

Sarah said: “I do use public transport myself. Personally I think the money would best be used to fix up some of the train stations. Make them a little bit cleaner and a bit nicer for people who are coming in and out of the them”

Buses and trains need to be more reliable

Dennis said: “The scheduled times always seem to be off and on. There just never seems to be proper timing. And with all the building work in the city it’s hard to get anywhere.”

Birmingham passenger reveals his experiences of public transport

More bus and train stations

Another passenger said: “Getting more buses, more bus lanes. I guess it’s about getting people out of their cars, but it’s also making sure that you can get from a bus to a train, so you don’t have to walk for miles to get to a train station or to a bus stop.

Buses need to be more reliable

Connor said: “I have to walk half an hour to Oldbury to get a bus, if they could make certain buses available a lot more earlier then that could be a help.

“in terms of the experience, it’s mostly good. You do get a few crazy people on the bus. But, in particular the one I’m taking - it’s not been that consistent recently.

“I hope that changes. That £1bn sounds like brilliant news though.”

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