Birmingham burglar jailed after stealing from vulnerable woman in her own home

39-year-old Elisha Graham entered the woman’s home and was seen on CCTV having a chat with her

A Birmingham woman who attempted to steal a vulnerable woman’s handbag in her own home has been jailed for burglary.

Elisha Graham, of Gerardsfield Road, in Tile Cross, Birmingham was jailed for 15 months at Birmingham Crown Court on November 18. She had entered the home of her victim and tried to take her handbag.

On September 19, 2022, 39-year-old Graham entered the woman’s home and was seen on CCTV having a chat with her, having been mistaken for a carer.

Footage showed the two talking before Graham started crying and the victim gave her £20.

When the woman got up to make a drink, Graham was then seen feeling her victim’s coat pockets and picking up her handbag. She hid it under her top and began to leave before the woman returned and took back her bag.

Response officers examined the CCTV footage and quickly identified Graham, having spoken to her previously.

Elisha Graham was jailed for 15 months for burglary

High Harm officers then dealt with her in custody.

Graham was originally charged with theft and remanded in custody.

This charge was replaced with burglary at court and on November 18, she pleaded guilty to burglary.

In addition to 15 months in jail, Graham was also issued an indefinite restraining order banning her from visiting the victim’s address or contact her.

Detective Constable Jennifer Horobin said: “This was an appalling thing to do to a vulnerable victim in her own home.

“Protecting the vulnerable and elderly is one of our top priorities, so to see this sentencing has been a great comfort to the victim and her family.

“If ever you are unsure of someone who comes to your door, ask them to show their ID and if you are still uneasy, just shut the door.”