Britain’s strongest granddad balances a 14st crown on his head for 100th world record

Midlands grandad John Evans who once balanced a 70kg washing machine on his head in Birmingham has completed his 100th world record

Britain’s strongest granddad has celebrated his 100th world record by balancing a 14st CROWN on his head - at the age of 75.

Strongman John Evans has raised more than £250,000 for charity over four decades with his death-defying act as a professional head balancer.

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He once balanced a 70kg washing machine for 23 minutes and 7 seconds in Birmingham.

The dad-of-two now holds 100 world records for carrying a variety of heavy objects on his bonce despite being blind in one eye, diabetic and suffering from angina.

His stunts include a 350lb Mini Cooper, a ladder with a woman sitting on a bike on each end and 101 house bricks, weighing 30 stone (190kg).

For other lifts he has managed to support 225 pints of beer, 380 toilet rolls, 96 empty milk crates and 400 cans of 7 Up pop.

Strongman John Evans marked his 75th birthday by breaking his 100th world record by carrying a 90kg red and gold crown on his hea

To celebrate his 75th birthday, John carried a 90kg red and gold crown on his head during an event at Rutland Sports Park in Ilkeston, Derbyshire, two weeks ago.

Grandfather-of-three John, of Ilkeston, said: "It was a special moment. It’s nice to say I have 100 world records. It is a thing I thought I would never achieve.

"On the day of the event, we had to be really careful as it was quite windy. It is terrible trying to carry objects on your head when there is wind.

"The crown - which I built myself - is in two halves in the shape of a D. It is about 5ft wide and weighs 90kg.

"The difficult part about it was the sheer weight right on top of my head, but I am still able to do it even at my age.

"I balanced it for about ten seconds and walked around - for someone who is now 75 and blind in one eye, has angina and diabetes, I think it is good going.

"I went for king themed outfit as well because I suppose you could say I am the ‘King of Head Balancing’ now.

"It was just nice to be out balancing again - especially after Covid. I am getting older now though, I will probably stick to around 100kg in the future."

Strongman John Evans once balanced a 70kg washing machine on his head in Birmingham

How long has John been balancing things on his heard?

Over the period of 40 years, John’s bizarre act has been featured on Britain’s Got Talent, Children in Need and the the American Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Despite now achieving 100 world records, John say he has no plans to slow down and will re-use the crown to help celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee later this year.

He added: "When I’m balancing, it feels like nothing is there. It’s like heaven and all you can hear is the applause from the crowd.

"There is still nobody else in the world at my age that can do what I can do.

"I am certainly not stopping. If anything I’m hoping these 100 world records is going to be a springboard for further events.

"I have eight shows booked for the summer and I am going to re-use the crown for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

"We are hoping to continue to raise money for the Royal National Institute of Blind People."

Strong granddad John Evans balanced a mini on his head in 2000

When did John realise he had this talent?

The 20 stone former builder, who has a 60.9cm neck, first realised he had a talent for balancing heavy objects in the 1960s when he was working as a labourer.

John devised an 18-inch piece of floorboard so he could carry 24 bricks and balance them on his head - whilst climbing up ladders.

After realising he had competition from former World’s Strongest Man Geoff Capes - who had managed also to lift 24 bricks - John went on to lift a mammoth 36 bricks.

His astonishing feat soon attracted media attention from the UK and around the world and he still remains a TV host for the German Guinness World Records programme.

He added: "I have had an amazing career so far, all this from just carrying bricks when I was a bricklayer’s labourer when I was 18.

"My neighbours thought I was weird at first but I’m renowned for it now all over the world."

Strongman John Evans balances two cyclists on his head

A selection of objects John has lifted over the years

95 milk crates while in Ireland

101 house bricks (nearly 30st) while on the BBC National Lottery

One ‘heavy Chevy’ car for the BBC Children in Need show

One Mini Cooper car on the Fantastic Facts TV show

225 pints of beer for BBC Children in Need

400 cans of Coke in Singapore

11 beer kegs while in Hollywood

548 footballs in Leeds

275 pints in Israel

70kg washing machine for 23 minutes and 7 seconds in Birmingham

362lb Quad bike in Tel Aviv

400 Dim Sum baskets in Hong Kong

2 Bunk Beds over 12ft tall for BBC Children in Need

300 loaves of bread weighing 378lbs in Derby

12 two meter long tables in South Korea

16 shopping trollies weighing in at 10 stone each in Nottingham

62 copies of the Guinness World Record Books in Sheffield

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