Birmingham’s ugliest buildings, according to locals

With the skyline changing every day in Birmingham, do people still like the buildings going up? Here’s what they told us

The architecture of Birmingham, UK has been a controversial topic for many years. The old brutalist structures like the Central Library have been slowly phased out in favor of more modern buildings, but the recent property boom has led to new constructions which many believe don’t fit into the city’s tapestry.

But what do local people really think of Birmingham buildings? BirminghamWorld took to the streets to find out. You can hear all the comments we received in the video above, or read a selection below. Please let us know what you think too.

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Kevin, Birmingham

Kevin says: “So, worst building architecturally in Birmingham? I don’t think personally there is a worse building. Architecture is about - it’s not about everybody liking it, everybody hating it. The library, which I’m looking at now, a lot of people don’t like, a lot of people love the old library, which was a brutalist building. I happen to like brutalist buildings.

“Most people didn’t like it. So I think with architecture, it’s more. It’s, I think, some of the stuff that’s happening around the city is absolutely fabulous. I love it.”

Harry, Birmingham

Harry says: “Oh, I would say New Street Station but it’s kind of grown on me. I know that the library and the old building look way better. I’ve seen pictures of the old building of the library. It looked way better than the new one. But the new one’s alright I guess.”

Simon, Birmingham

Simon says: “Well, I think they’ve recently knocked it down - The Bullring or whatever. But some yeah, just looking around here, all this lovely architecture that’s now you know, sort of both modern and old and coming together is great. So I think the refurbishment that has happened over the last few years has been great.”

Durgamata, Birmingham

Durgamata says: “The ugliest building in Birmingham is what is commonly known as the Floozy in the Jacuzzi. It is an embarrassment to me, it’s an embarrassment to pretty well every woman who walks past it, it should be lifted out. I was actually fantasising coming in with a crane as I walked past it today.

“Take it to Sutton Park, put it by a lake where it will fit in. Don’t have people taking photos of the floozy in the Jacuzzi as a central dignified spot in Birmingham because it’s not. It is absolutely out of place there.

“We want something that includes everybody. Something like beautiful fountains - look to Rome, look to some city which has dignity and put it there in that prime spot. Instead of that embarrassing naked lady.”

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