Birmingham’s best sporting moments, according to locals with Aston Villa, Birmingham City and Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games are almost here, when Birmingham will be thrust onto the global stage, showcasing the world’s latest and greatest feats of athleticism.

The city has a proud sporting heritage, and is home to some of the biggest football clubs in the world, and some of the strongest rivalries.

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As we look forward to a summer of sport we speak to Brummies about what their favourite sporting moments in the city are. You can hear all the comments in the video at the top of our story and read a selection below. Do let us know what your favourite sporting moment is too.

Kevin, Birmingham

Kevin says: “All right, my - I’ll be very biased on this - I’m a Birmingham City fan. And therefore, the best sporting moment for Birmingham, for me, would be about 11 years ago - 2011 - when Birmingham City beat Arsenal in the final at Wembley of the League Cup as was, and that was great.

“I was there with my son, my oldest son. And us blue noses had a fabulous day out. And as we’re the only team in Birmingham that carries the name of Birmingham, and also we’re the only team that’s won a major trophy in many years, I would say that’s a good shot of the best sporting moment in Birmingham.”

Harry, Birmingham

Harry says: “For me, the best sporting moment in Birmingham’s history has got to be Villa winning the European Cup in ‘82, you know, just because only five teams have won it in English football history and the fact that Villa are one of those is quite a big, big thing.”

Amy, Birmingham

Amy says: “The best for the moment in Birmingham, I say is, like the Commonwealth Games that are happening this summer. I think it’s going to be great for Birmingham, it’s, you know, a really good opportunity and should be exciting!”

Durgamata, Birmingham

Durgamata says: “Yeah, I’m just thrilled to pieces that the Commonwealth Games is coming here. Birmingham is an incredibly important city, in my view. It’s got people here with connections all around the world. They’re not just immigrants. Like, you could walk around London and meet lots of people from different parts of the world. But in Birmingham, they’re Brummies, they’re British, their heritage goes back generations.

“And anything that goes on here, ripples out and touches the whole world. I’ve just come from the exhibition in the library. It’s inspiring. I’ve heard that there’s a possibility that Birmingham is going to be the first city which is consciously against racism. We can lead the world here and to have the Commonwealth Games coming to Birmingham. Yes, I’m thrilled.”

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