Ten of Birmingham’s lost cinemas in pictures - gallery

Birmingham has a rich cinema history which has dramatically changed over time

Cinemas have been a major news topic over the past couple of months following the releases of Barbie and Oppenheimer which appear to have helped the industry bounce back from the pandemic.

Birmingham has a number of top cinemas for people across the city to enjoy the best new films in. Some of these include: the Electric Cinema in the city centre, Everyman Mailbox, the Mockingbird Cinema in Digbeth and the Odeon on Broadway Plaza, to name a few.

Although times have changed as the city was once home to many cinemas and there are several that no longer in use. Although number of the old buildings have been knocked down, cinema buildings are still a fascinating important tool when examining the history of Birmingham through the decades.

Some of the lost buildings which once showed Hollywood blockbusters are still standing in the city today although they are somewhat rundown. So, let’s take a look at Birmingham’s lost cinemas.

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