Birmingham ranked as top European tourist destination for an inspiring reason

Global media company Time Out has included Birmingham in its latest recommendations of top places to travel to in Europe

Birmingham has been selected as a top European destination by global media giant Time Out.

Our city has been ranked alongside Italian beaches, a Spanish coast line and French mountains in the inspiring travel listing. The latest round up of European destinations recommended for tourists from Time Out is celebrating underrated travel destinations.

While everyone knows that the likes of Barcelona, Venice, Amsterdam and the Amalfi Coast are amazing - they can become overrun with visitors, and their popularity can push prices up too. In fact, according to Time Out, some of these mainstream travel hotspots have even started to ask tourists to stay away.

They’ve certainly got a point. There are so many fabulous destinations across Europe that are well worth a visit - and they’re so right with including Birmingham. This summer there’s a 10 day Birmingham Festival to celebrate the legacy of the Commonwealth Games too - so for those visitors who didn’t get the chance to enjoy the fantastic sports and cultural event last year, it means they’ve got another opportunity to experience the best Brummie perforances and hospitality.

Time Out gives a special shout out to Stirchley and Moseley for their independent restaurants, while recommending that tourists go beyond the city centre shopping centres, bars and museums. Leafy strolls along Harborne’s disused railway route on the Chad Valley are also mentioned along with a stroll through the Lickeys and a trip to Bournville.

Time Out said: “So here’s what we’re suggesting: this summer, save yourself the neck crane trying to glimpse the Mona Lisa. Skip the Vatican queues. Step out of the Sagrada Família crowds – and travel to some of the continent’s lesser-known destinations.”

Here’s a look at the 14 underrated tourist destinations they are recommending - including where Birmingham ranks: