31 locally listed buildings in Aston, including a sewers and tunnels

Here are 31 locally listed buildings and features in Aston in Birmingham

An excavation along the canal in Aston would likely unveil coins from Victorian times and earlier among other artefacts. One site that was excavated uncovered the base of a pumping station that used to be powered by the Boulton and Watt steam engine and has links to Henry Ford - the American industrialist and business magnate who was the founder of Ford Motor Company.

This is just one of the fascinating areas that make up the district of Aston. The area holds the history of what Birmingham used to be like - especially the kinds of businesses that thrived and how the economy evolved. From a branch of the Midlands Bank to a former substation for the Midland Electricity Board - Aston has hosted them all.

Not all these hidden gems have been listed by the Secretary of State in the National Heritage List for England (NHLE) - which is the official register of all protected historic buildings and sites in England.

The ones of local importance have been listed by the Birmingham Conservation and Heritage Panel (BCHP). Locally listed buildings in the area also include a hotel that lent its name to the Holte end of the Aston Villa park.

Previously, we looked at the top 14 areas in Birmingham with most locally listed buildings and locally listed buildings in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham city centre, and Erdington. Now, here are 31 locally listed buildings and features in Aston: