Birmingham Airport: all cancelled and delayed flights today

Here’s the latest (January 25)

2022 has been a tough year for Birmingham Airport with the aviation industry initially struggling to bounce back post-Covid.

The airport remains short staffed with around 15% less workers than it wants, with staffing levels problems set to persist till Autumn. Travellers and staff have endured a tough few weeks at airports across the country due to the rise in demand with many families and friends looking to get abroad for the first time in a couple of years without Covid restrictions.

The increase in demand and lack of staff at Birmingham Airport has caused travel chaos for many, with long queues and waiting times, with some passengers even missing their flights in recent days and weeks.

Planes at Birmingham Airport

But are flights being cancelled at Birmingham Airport this week?

We’ve had a look to see which flights are cancelled and delayed to and from Birmingham Airport today.

Cancelled flights, January 25

No cancellations yet.

Delayed flights, January 25

No delays yet.

Check-in information Twilight check in will start at 16:30 -21:00 the day before you fly at desk 101/102.

TUI bag drop will start at 1400-2100. 1400-1600 day before desk 1A. 1600-2200 day before desk 28.

You can see the latest information on delayed and cancelled flights at Birmingham Airport, here.