Are flights cancelled from Birmingham Airport? Storm Eunice travel disruption latest, how to check your flight

Days after Storm Dudley, Storm Eunice is hitting the UK hard with red and amber Met Office weather warnings in place for most of today

<p>Flights at Birmingham Airport have been cancelled today </p>

Flights at Birmingham Airport have been cancelled today

Storm Eunice has arrived in Birmingham with winds of up to 60mph in some areas across the region.

Strong gales and rain is forecast through most of today (Friday 18 February) and caused disruption to travel plans for many.

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Here’s a look at what impact Storm Eunice has had across the region and if any flights have been cancelled at Birmingham Airport.

What has Storm Eunice brought to Birmingham so far?

An amber weather warning is currently in place for Birmingham between 3am and 9pm today.

Heavy rain and increasing wind gusts hit the region at around around 3am, signalling the arrival of the storm.

The early hours of this morning saw heavy rain sweep across the region, and the winds brought by Storm Eunice were felt soon after.

At roughly 5am, wind gusts started to hit over 30mph, these will continue to increase throughout the morning and afternoon.

The gusts are set to peak at 58mph at around 1pm but will only gradually ease throughout the rest of the day.

It is these conditions that have led to widespread disruption on transport.

Which flights have been cancelled from Birmingham Airport?

Transport has been badly affected, with rail and air services suspending services.

With many people planning getaways for the February half term, there will be lots of attention being paid to how Storm Eunice is impacting air travel.

Over 20 flights have already been cancelled at Birmingham Airport.

So far, 24 departures have been cancelled, and dozens more have been delayed.

Flights to Paris, Munich and Aberdeen have been cancelled so far today (18 February).

How can I check my flight status?

The airport is advising customers to look at information provided by their airlines.

For the latest information on the airport and to check your flight status view live departures and arrivals.

Can planes fly during a storm?

Flying through a storm can feel like a nervy experience, but it is possible for planes to fly through a storm.

Travel site Sky Scanner explains that “take-off and landing are the only times during a flight when high winds can result in flight delays - most every flight deals with high winds at some point during its climb or descent”.

It adds: “With this in mind, horizontal winds (also known as “crosswinds”) in excess of 30-35 kts (about 34-40 mph) are generally prohibitive of take-off and landing.”

Each aircraft will have its own limitations, so conditions that might cancel one flight might not affect another due to the differences in the plane.

What is the weekend weather forecast for Birmingham?

The stormy weather is set to continue during the weekend, meaning more travel disruption could be expected.

The strong wind gusts are expected to east by Friday evening, meaning that the weather on Saturday will be much more calm.

It could feel as cold as -1°C on Saturday afternoon, and heavy rain showers will make for a wet evening.

Gusts throughout Saturday should reach no higher than 30 to 32mph.

Sunday looks set to be wetter and slightly windier than Saturday. Monday will be a quieter day as winds ease and rain moves away.