Chocolate lovers react to Aldi’s new bar that is strikingly similar to a Cadbury’s favourite

One social media user called the Aldi and Cadbury products ‘practically identical’

Aldi has been criticised on social media for releasing its own chocolate bar which bares a striking resemblance to one of Cadbury’s own classic products.

The store has released its own Deeno bar. Chocolate lovers have pointed out that the bar is similar to the Cadbury classic Freddo bar. The packaging of the product also appears similar to the Cadbury’s Freddo bar.

A ten pack of Aldi’s Deeno bars costs £1.75, or 17.5p a bar, with a five pack of Dairy Milk Freddos costing £1, or 20p a bar. Posting online, one person wrote: “Freddo’s gonna be fuming. Aldi just love a ruck.”

Another said: “How do Aldi get away with it? Can’t wait to try, but even the packaging is practically identical, haha.” Another wrote: “It’s a Freddo, that’s the rip off.” Although one Facebook user, wrote: “Every shop makes their own brand versions of lots of different products, what’s the difference?”

What has Aldi said about the chocolate bar?

Neither Aldi or Cadbury have released a statement on the chocolate bar, but Aldi did respond on Twitter when someone compared the two products, replying: “It’s a totally different animal.”