Watch: West Midlands Police catch teenage car thieves in Birmingham in 40 mile pursuit

A gang of teenagers - including Jamoye Simpson and Jordan Jones - who stole up to 100 cars last year, have been jailed after police linked them to a string of burglaries and violent carjackings

West Midlands Police has released dramatic CCTV footage from their helicopter and traffic units showing the moment officers snared four teenagers linked to car thefts and carjackings across Birmingham.

The four were among a group of seven thieves responsible for up to 100 thefts in the West Midlands, West Mercia and Warwickshire between December 2020 and December 2021.

The footage shows a 40-mile pursuit through Birmingham with vehicles reaching speeds of up to 132mph travelling along the Alcester Road, Solihull, Harborne, Bartley Green and more..

The in-car footage shows the start of the police pursuit on 23 November 2021 when traffic patrols caught up with Jordan Jones who was at the wheel of an Audi A3, stolen minutes earlier from a home in Oldbury. He was alongside a 16-year-old, in the car and they were travelling with two more 16-year-olds in a stolen VW Golf.

Jones, from Shelfield Road, Kings Heath, dumped the Audi in single-lane roadworks in a bid to block officers as all four made off in their getaway car.

Police said their helicopter kept tabs on them from above and after the car’s tyres were stung officers surrounded the car on the A435 towards Wythall. Officers linked the gang to a nasty car-jacking in Gilmorton Close, Harborne on 12 November, when a man was attacked after pulling onto his driveway.

He bravely tried to fight them off, but was outnumbered and was thrown to the floor when he tried to drag one of the thieves from behind the wheel.

Jamoye Simpson

Police recovered the BMW from behind flats in Acocks Green and later found messages on their phones asking where to find a tracker on a BMW M3.

More CCTV footage from a house in Solihull, on 4 October shows the teenagers tiptoeing through the lounge before taking keys to an Audi RS6.

Police enquiries revealed the gang also involved Jamoye Simpson, from Shakespeare Crescent, Hockley and another two 16 year-old boys. Officers arrested 19-year-old Simpson on 17 October last year shortly after a BMW 3-Series was stolen from a burglary in Coventry.

It later crashed in Weoley Castle after being spotted and pursued by one a police patrol unit; Simpson and a 16-year-old were arrested running from the scene.

A violent teenage car-theft gang is finally caught by police after a terrifying 40 mile chase that reached speeds of 132mph in a stolen Audi A3

Detectives were initially looking into 15 car thefts but as the investigation developed and the group’s phones were examined, and they linked them to a wider series incorporating 97 offences. On one occasion a woman’s car keys were stolen overnight on November 10 to 11 from her home in Knowle as she slept.

Also in the early hours of 11 November they broke into a house in Hall Green. This time they stole a Mini Cooper and cruelly squirted ketchup over the walls and threw red wine over the carpets and sofa before leaving.

On 22 November members of the gang stole a BMW M4 in Droitwich. Police later found an Instagram post showing two of the 16-year-olds posing on the rear boot of the car.

Police charged all seven with conspiracy to burgle and conspiracy to rob, while Jones and the three teenagers involved in the pursuit were all charged with dangerous driving.

Jordan Jones

What sentences have the gang received from court?

All seven pleaded guilty at Birmingham Crown Court in October and on Wednesday (November 16), Jones and Simpson along with three teenagers were sentenced.

  • Jamoye Simpson, 19, pleaded guilty to robbery and conspiracy to burgle and was sentenced to nine years and six months.
  • Jordan Jones, 19, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to burgle and was sentenced to four years and two months.
  • A 17-year-old boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, pleaded guilty to robbery and conspiracy to burgle and was sentenced to four years and 11 months.
  • A 16-year-old boy pleaded guilty to robbery and conspiracy to burgle and was sentenced to four years and six months.
  • Another 16-year-old boy pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 12 months in prison (released due to time served).
  • Two further 16-year-old boys will be sentenced on December 1.
Violent teenage car-theft gang is finally caught by police after a terrifying 40 mile chase that reached speeds of 132mph in a stolen Audi A3

What have detectives said about the case?

Detective Sergeant Wayne Dudley of the Force Priorities Team, led the investigation. He said: “It’s shocking that a group of largely children could be responsible for such a sizeable burglary and car theft conspiracy.

“Most of the vehicles were stolen by snapping door locks and forcing entry. Some car keys were taken while people slept, but the CCTV footage we’ve released shows they were prepared to confront victims and use violence.

“This was a really complex, detailed investigation involving seven offenders and at least 97 offences. CCTV, forensics, phone work and evidence downloaded from their mobiles helped us build a strong case.

“It’s real credit to the team of detectives here that we’ve secured successful prosecutions.”

How can I help to stop car thieves?

West Midlands Police say everyone can play a role in helping them to beat car thieves. Most importantly, they advise drivers to keep vehicles locked at all times, and check they are locked.

The force also advises motorists to use a steering lock when a vehicle is parked for long periods or overnight and to keep keys in a faraday pouch so the fob’s frequency can’t be grabbed by car theft gadgets.