Woman hatches out duckling from egg purchased in Morrisons

If Morrisons customers in Birmingham ever have an itch to nurture their very own flock of ducks then they need look no further than the tale of a lady called Sam McDougal.

Sam McDougal successfully hatched a duck egg she purchased from the popular UK supermarket and she has even given the new arrival a name.

Morri, named after the supermarket where the egg was purchased, is doing “absolutely great”, according to Ms. McDougal.

She said it was meant to be a prank on her father, tricking him into believing she had bought duck eggs to hatch, and then keep in her garden.

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The trick on her father was to lead him into believing there would be a whole host of ducks, soon wandering in her garden.

After Morri was hatched, Ms McDougal now plans to incubate more eggs to hatch.

She said she was trying to hatch quail eggs for a friend, so already had the incubator set up, and then decided to try some supermarket eggs, unaware they would actually hatch: “Obviously I bought the Morrisons ones thinking they would never hatch”, she said.

Almost a week after buying the eggs from the supermarket in Binley, Warwickshire, she decided to ‘candle’ them, a technique in which a light is shone upon an egg, to see which are fertilized.

After a month in the incubator, Morri will be kept by self-confessed wildlife lover Ms McDougal, at her home in Shilton and Barnacle.