Understanding your dog’s body language: 9 signs that reveal their mood

Dogs go through different development stages as they grow, and that could lead to confusion about their needs

It’s a great feeling to know what our pets are thinking so that we know how to keep them happy and relaxed. Usually, it is not difficult to figure out what dogs are thinking and feeling but there might be times when you are left confused.

There are many incredible things that a dog can do and that includes telling us how they are feeling. Veteran dog owners might have an easier time understanding their pet’s body language than those who are new to it. For instance, there could be many reasons why a dog is behaving in a certain way and we can’t keep running off to the vet each time.

Much like human babies, dogs have basic emotions like joy, fear, anger, disgust, excitement, and love but they won’t have complex emotions like guilt, pride, contempt, or shame, according to Discover Magazine.

They also grow faster and go through different development stages when they are growing, and all of that could lead to confusion about their needs and thoughts. If you want to see them do incredible tricks and more, you can visit the Crufts dog show in Birmingham at the Nec from March 9-12, 2023.

And, if you are confused or worried about your dog, here are nine body language signs decoded by RSPCA and other experts that can tell you what they are feeling: