Latest on Birmingham fuel chaos as army deployment expected imminently

Government officials could be forced to deploy the army as early as this afternoon as fuel shortages continue to disrupt parts of Birmingham.

Ministers are set to discuss these issues in a cabinet meeting on Monday, in hope to assist with ongoing supply line problems affecting the delivery of fuel to petrol stations.

Forecourts across the city have been rammed with desperate drivers filling up on petrol and diesel over the weekend, which has led to nationwide closures due to shortages.

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The crisis has continued into its fourth day today despite warnings against panic buying from both the government and supermarkets.

More than half of petrol stations across the UK have temporarily shut its doors, with BP revealing that at least 100 forecourts had no access to one grade of fuel - leading to the possibility of soldiers being called in to help with deliveries, as the HGV driver shortage continues with around 100,000 vacancies.

There are also plans to offer 10,500 temporary visas to foreign lorry drivers and food industry workers.

In a rare and drastic change to alleviate the country’s fuel concerns, leading officials have suspensended competition law in a bid for oil firms to come together and target deliveries to petrol stations.

The protocol will help fuel providers, suppliers, hauliers and retailers strategise a way to prioritise the more in-need areas across the country.

This follows a warning made by The Petrol Retailers Association, who stated that as many as two-thirds of independent outlets no longer had fuel, with the rest “partly dry and running out soon”.