These are the best restaurants in Birmingham, recommended by locals

Birmingham’s restaurants are among the best in the country, but where do the people from the city really eat?

Birmingham is well known to be a city with a strong culinary heritage, with restaurateurs from across the world having chosen to make it their home.

The city has the most Michelin stars outside London and as BBC’s MasterChef is set to make its home here too, we speak to the people of Birmingham to find out where their favourite places to eat are.

Naveed says: “My favourite restaurants in Birmingham - one of the main ones is Marco Pierre White, because of the fact that there’s an amazing view - it’s at the top of the cube.

“And you can see the whole of Birmingham, most of Birmingham City Centre, sorry, from that view, and I think it’s amazing but it’s a bit fancy.

Naveed, NaveedCentral1, BirminghamNaveed, NaveedCentral1, Birmingham
Naveed, NaveedCentral1, Birmingham

“If I was to say other places I’d say a place called Chaiiology on Ladypool Road. They do like donuts which are like fried donuts, but they also inject this, like, milky syrup into them.

“And then when they give you the donuts covered in the syrup, and it’s amazing. It’s so delicious. I haven’t had that anywhere. I also do like places on Ladypool Road like for example Fat Buns, right which do smash burgers.

“I love my smash burgers. If I was talking about the city centre, I would say that my favourite one, my favourite place, is obviously Nando’s right?”

James & Pawel, BirminghamJames & Pawel, Birmingham
James & Pawel, Birmingham

Pawel says:

“I mean, I’ve been going to Las Iguanas quite often now. Yeah, like Las Igunanas. You got the one just by the pigeon park. That one’s a new one they opened now. But then you got the old one that’s been there for years in Arcadian, and that’s a lovely one as well.”

Jodie says:

“I always go Mount Fuji, I always go more towards, like, Chinatown, so I’d go like Japanese, Chinese. But then it depends on on pricing and stuff like that too. Yeah, I go everywhere. Mostly like independently run places.”

Jodie & Ambrose, BirminghamJodie & Ambrose, Birmingham
Jodie & Ambrose, Birmingham

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