The best things to do in Birmingham on a bank holiday weekend, according to locals

From visiting book shops to performing - or just relaxing with friends - there are so many great ways to spend a bank holiday in Brum

This year sees an extra bank holiday for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee fall on the June 3rd, giving Brits a well deserved four day weekend. Nobody likes to see their time off go to waste. So we hit the streets of Birmingham to speak to Brummies and find out what sort of thing they like to get up to on their days off.

You can see all the comments in the video at the top of our story, and read a selection of the comments below. Please let us know any Birmingham Bank Holiday recommendations you have too!

Nina, Birmingham

Nina says: “I mean, whenever I have a day off, l like to take a rest, or just meet up with my friends, I suppose. Because I don’t really have much time for that with A Levels and stuff. It’s quite stressful. So whenever I do have time off, I would like to see my friends or just relax in general.

“I suppose Waterstones - the cafe and bookstore. It’s really nice, really calm. Just nice to stay there.”

Lyla & Amy, Birmingham

Amy says: “Anything but work! We’re in Birmingham so often it’s nice to have a break from it really. But everyone else seems to want to come back in don’t they, for the festivals!”

Ruth, Birmingham

Ruth says: “Perform! I’ve got a gig on bank holiday. I think every bank holiday we’ve had so far I’ve been performing, which is nice because a lot of people don’t get to go out and to be able to go out and drink and then have a day off after.

“So it’s nice to have those moments for those really, really, really hardworking people that just need a complete day off. Today is my only day off I’ve had for the whole month. And I’ve got two chronic illnesses. So sometimes you really got to make sure you put in those rest days. So I fully support bank holidays. For the sake of rest.”

Brian & Irene, Birmingham

Brian says: “Well, unfortunately, I’ve been retired now for 25 years. And there’s no such thing’s now for me as weekends and bank holidays. Though I do enjoy the Christmas bank holiday when I go overseas for 32 nights. And I think that’s wonderful.

“But in terms of bank holidays - don’t exist. One day is the same as the next. Come what may! But they do put some nice events on for bank holiday, which I thoroughly enjoy.”

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