This is where WAG Sasha Attwood will be living in Qatar for the FIFA World Cup 2022

She was seen with the Wags of Three Lions, including Fern Maguire (wife of Harry Maguire), Charlotte Trippier (wife of Kieran Trippier)

The glamourous girlfriend of Jack Grealish - Sasha Rebecca Attwood - was seen leaving for Doha, Qatar ahead of the England vs Iran match. She was among the famed wives and girlfriends (Wags)of the England team.

She was seen with the Wags of Three Lions, including Fern Maguire (wife of Harry Maguire), Charlotte Trippier (wife of Kieran Trippier) and Anouska Santos (wife of Luke Shaw) for a flight to London at the Manchester Airport. The group then took a flight to Doha from London.

The group, including Attwood - who is also from Solihull like her boyfriend, will be set up in luxurious living quarters in the FIFA World Cup host nation. They are living aboard a luxury yacht - MSC World Europa, according to Daily Mail.

The £1billion cruise liner is anchored at Doha Port and the footballers’ families will be living there. It cost around £2,434.80 for nine nights. It has a waterpark, seven swimming pools, a space to relax by the pool and deck, and 13 dinings venues among other luxuries. It also has the longest dry-slide at sea titled The Venom Drop, which is 11-deck high.

The Wags, including Attwood, reportedly threw a World Cup themed party before jetting off to Qatar to join the real tournament - where they won’t be able to meet their husbands and boyfriends.

There are strict Covid rules and other restrictions to be followed in the country. For starters, public display of affection, including holding hands, is not legal in Qatar. So, while Gareth Southgate’s team lives in the city, most of their partners will be on water.

Sasha Rebecca Attwood (Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images for Victoria Barbara)

Who is Sasha Attwood?

Attwood is Grealish’s childhood girlfriend and they have been together for more than a decade. She is a model and has made it big. She recently signed with L’Oreal and might be on her way to becoming a millionaire just like her boyfriend.

Dispelling rumours of a rift, Attwood wished Grealish on his 27th birthday in September. The footballer has mentioned wanting to get married just like his parents in the future.

Jack Grealish of England celebrates with teammates after scoring their team’s sixth goal (Getty Images)

The couple met at school in Solihull and Attwood has been by his side throughout his career while also carving out a path for herself. She was reportedly discovered by a modelling agent when she was only 13.

She is also an influencer and has her own YouTube channel. In her latest video, she showed off her Autumn/Winter haul from Zara. She said it was her favourite time of year - fashion-wise.