Birmingham retro: 18 of the biggest queues in city’s history- from milk queue to Birmingham Library opening

What’s the longest you’ve had to queue in Birmingham and why?

Birmingham residents are made of patience. We know how to wait and bide our time to get what we want and these photos from the archives prove that. From photos of the olden days showing punters queuing up to pay betting tax to Spanish and West Indian sports fans waiting to watch their favourite games the city has hosted over the years

From waiting in queues to get basic things like milk and newspapers in the mid 1900s to queuing to get on an airplane last summer at Birmingham airport - residents have done it all.

There have been queues in the hopes of fame and fortune when X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent auditions were held in the city as well. And, more recently there have been long queues to get jabbed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are 18 photos of the longest queues in Birmingham over the years:

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