NSandI Premium Bonds: September winners, how to enter and how did Birmingham do?

Read on to find out if you’re a winner

A new month has brought about thousands of new winners of the National Savings and Investment Premium Bond prize, with one lucky winner in the West Midlands winning £100,000.

Through their Premium Bond scheme, NS&I have confirmed that two jackpots of £1 million have been won by British investors from Sefton and West Sussex.

The Sefton winner, 409PT785413, had £50,000 in Premium Bonds while the West Sussex winner, 324MB318235, also had £50,000.

Those with bonds have the opportunity to win tax free prizes between £25 and £1 million.

Here is a run down of which bond numbers have won prizes for people in Birmingham in September, as well as information on how the prize draw works and who can hold a Premium Bond.

What are Premium Bonds?

According to money helper website Money Helper, Premium Bonds are an investment product issued by National Savings and Investment (NS&I).

Unlike other investments, where you earn interest or a regular dividend income, you are entered into a monthly prize draw where you can win between £25 and £1 million tax free.

Premium Bonds were first introduced in 1956 and are now owned by approximately 21 million people in the UK.

How does the Premium Bond prize draw work?

When you set up a bond, you will receive a unique number for every £1 you invest. So for example, if you invest £100 you will receive 100 bond numbers and each will have a chance of winning.

After holding a bond for a month, your number will be added to a monthly draw.

You can buy them for yourself or on behalf of your child, grandchild or great-grandchild.

You must be aged at least 16 to purchase Premium Bonds for yourself.

How can I buy a Premium Bond?

Premium Bonds can be bought by registering an account on the NSandI website and filling out an online form or by calling 08085 007 007 to request a form which can then be filled out and sent back to the NSandI.

How do I check if I am a winner?

Finding out if you are a winner is easy. Simply visit the prize checker section on the NSandI website and enter your bond number.

Are there any September winners in Birmingham?

The full list of West Midlands winners is below, with the bond number appearing in bold.

  • 12JX474782 (£100,000)
  • 428VN660970 (£10,000)
  • 396ZD287569 (£5,000)

How long does it take cash in Premium Bonds?

According to NSandI, it takes up to three banking days for the money to reach your account, unless you have elected to cash in after the next draw.