National Pet Day: here are five signs your pet loves you, according to a pet psychologist

Every day is a pet day if you’re a pet owner, but on National Pet Day - here are five clues your pet loves you

Pet lovers across Birmingham have taken to TikTok to find out if their four-legged friends reciprocate their love. Hashtags for ‘signs my dog loves me’ and ‘does my cat trust me’ have been used in over one million videos, so it seems as though owners are desperate to find out if the feeling is mutual.

In the UK, there are more than 20 million pets, according to the PDSA. In 2022, the estimated population of pet dogs in the UK increased to 10.2 million while there were 11.1 million pet cats. Many of us wonder have wondered what our pet is thinking, if they like us, and if they love us.

With National Pet Day (April 11) upon us, Buzz Bingo spoke to psychologist Dennis Relojo-Howell, managing director of Phsyreg, who revealed the top five signs that show our pets love us.

Dennis Relojo-Howell said: “Pets, regardless of species, have their own unique ways of expressing love and affection towards their owners. Recognising these signs can not only help strengthen the bond between the owner and their pet, but also provide reassurance that the relationship is based on trust and mutual understanding.”

Here are the top five hints your pet drops, to show you they love you: