You can find these handsome dogs at RSPCA’s Birmingham Animal Centre. Seven-year-old Joe and nine-year-old Zac were rescued in April 2021. They’d been living at a site in Wales as part of a pack of 20 dogs and RSPCA staff don’t believe that they’ve ever lived inside or with a family before.

International Dog Day 2022: 8 cute Birmingham canines who need a home

Bring a dog home on International Dog Day - they can light up your heart

It’s International Dog Day and the best way to celebrate man’s best friend is to provide a home to a canine who wants a loving family. There are many dogs in Birmingham that are available for adoption and you can take your pick.

Some people were forced to give up their pets due to various reasons but you still give them a place in your heart and home. Some of the canines looking for a home have never seen the inside of a home before they were rescued while others were unwell and malnourished. Some need long-term care while others are looking for a forever home to retire in due to their age.

RSPCA Birmingham has two Alaskan Malamutes who were rescued from Wales and have been living there for almost a year.

Kennel supervisor Kelly Legg said: “Their coats were incredibly filthy and matted when they first came into us; we don’t believe they’d ever had a bath or been brushed. Both dogs were bewildered and confused. They were incredibly shut down and didn’t want to move; we had to carry them from the inspector’s van to their kennel because they had no idea how to walk on a lead and had never even seen a collar before!

“We spent weeks slowly introducing them to a new routine and taught them how to walk on a lead and that the outside world wasn’t so scary after all.” You can adopt them from here.

Birmingham Dogs Home have more than seven dogs who are available for adoption after a meet and greet at their centre. You can read more about the dogs here.

Here are eight photos of the dogs that are available at the two adoption centres.

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