Four bedroom detached house for sale on Broad Lane in Kings Heath (Credit: Zoopla)

4 amazing Birmingham houses with four or more bedrooms up for sale

With stamp duty being cut, it might be the right time to start looking for a family home

Whether you have a big family or just want a lots of space to customise as you wish, these homes could be the right ones for you. Ranging from family homes to a former boutique hotel with en-suite bathrooms in every rooms, the options are seriously massive.

The homes’ prices start at £500,000 and all of them are freehold. With the stamp duty being cut by the new chancellor during his mini-budget, it could be a real boost for homebuyers.

These are the new price thresholds, after which stamp duty must be paid - and they are effective immediately:

• After the first £250,000 for people who have purchased property before (it was £125,000)

• After the first £425,000 for first-time buyers (it is currently £300,000)

• For first-time buyers of homes more than £425,000, they will be entitled to 5% relief from that price up to £625,000 (it is currently up to £500,000)

So if you are someone who was already on the market looking for a home for your family, this might be the time to start booking viewings.

Here are four Birmingham homes with at least four bedrooms that might catch your eye:

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