Top jobs to do in the garden in July

Everyone can enjoy gardeningEveryone can enjoy gardening
Everyone can enjoy gardening
Summer is officially here and the longer days are perfect for getting your garden into great shape with these top gardening jobs for July.

The green-fingered experts at have put together key gardening jobs to do in July which involve having a good watering schedule, planting summer fruits and helping the bees.

10 gardening jobs for July:

1) Replenish your bird bath regularly

Help the birds and regularly by replenishing the bird bath, giving them cold water to drink and cool down in.

2) Keep watering

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British summers can be unpredictable so it’s important to keep an eye on the weather and adjust your watering schedule accordingly. It’s important to keep your plants hydrated during warm weather however you also want to avoid over watering them which could lead to long term damage.

3) Air out the green house

On particularly hot days it’s important to open your green house and allow some air into it. If you don’t do this, you run the risk of overheating any plants or crops that sit in the green house. If you find it’s still too warm you can purchase some blinds or a shade to keep some of the sun out.

4) Delegate

If you’re away over the summer your plants will be fine for a few days provided you give them a watering before you leave. However, if you’re away for longer it’s worth asking a trustee neighbour, friend, or family member to pop by to feed your plants.

5) Plant some summer fruit

July isn’t too late to plant some colourful summer fruits like strawberries, raspberries, and cherries. They’ll add some colour and make your garden look extra summery and if planted now, you’ll be able to enjoy these sweet fruits before the summer ends.

6) Keep an eye on the weeds

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If you haven’t managed to keep a handle on your weeds, then you should keep an eye on them as they’ll continue to grow in July. Popular methods of removal involve digging them up, mulching and covering them with boiling water.

7) Take care of hanging baskets

If your hanging baskets are looking a little untidy, then try cutting them back. Not only will this neaten up the display, but it will also encourage new growth. Just ensure you give it a good water after.

8) Don’t neglect the lawn

If you’ve worked hard the past couple of months to get the perfect lawn for summer, then don’t neglect it now. Like your plants, your lawn will need a little water too. Once a week should be ample depending on the weather and you should aim to water it in the mornings when it’s slightly cooler outside. In hotter conditions, you may want to increase this.

9) Look out for aphids

You’ll also want to look out for aphids on your plants. If you do spot some, you can spray them with insecticide to stop them from multiplying or simply rub them off by hand or even use soapy water.

10) Help out the bees

If the weather is holding up, then chances are there will be plenty of bees about. Why not help them out and plant some lavender and jasmine.