8 unforgettable Cadbury TV adverts as Mystery Chocolate Bars announced

Here are eight incredible Cadbury adverts that will take you on a trip down memory lane

Birmingham-based global chocolate maker - Cadbury - knows how to tempt their customers into trying their delicious, melt-in-the-mouth chocolate bars and other tasty treats. As well as creating delicious flavours they run some pretty incredible advertising campaigns.

Cadbury is renowned for some great ads which were first seen on TV in 1955, the very first night that ITV launched. But, even before that, in the early 1900s, Cadbury print ads and posters graced early magazines and are praised as some of the finest examples of advertising.

However, in more recent times, you are more likely to remember Cadbury TV adverts. As thousands entered a prize draw to guess the flavours of the two Mystery Chocolate Bars here’s a look back at some of those famous ads. How many of these can you remember? And what is your favourite?

Cadbury factory in Bournville. Birmingham
Cadbury factory in Bournville. Birmingham
Cadbury factory in Bournville. Birmingham

1. Gorilla

In 2007, the Gorilla advert by Fallon which cleverly begins with the “a GLASS and a HALF FULL PRODUCTION" text says it all without even mentioning the brand until the end. The combination of a gorilla and Phil Collins’ music makes it a unique one. The advert is still considered one of the best ones in the UK.

2. The Flake Girl

The Flake girl - Janis Levy - became iconic in 1985 thanks to the advert for the Cadbury chocolate. “Only the crumbliest, tastiest chocolate... Tastes like chocolate never tasted before” - we were told while Levy walked through a sunflower field taking us on a scenic route.

3. Milk Tray Man

There have been multiple Milk Tray men from 1968 to now. The latest one was also a James Bond-style person who went on a dangerous journey just to let his lady love know about his feelings. In this ad as well, it’s less about the product but more about the intention behind the Cadbury Milk Tray box.

4. Eyebrow kids

The eyebrow kids ad was so quirky that it has been watched more than the Gorilla ad. The 2009 campaign starts with two children in a photographer’s studio against a grey backdrop but their personalities are anything but grey. The ad for Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate by Fallon outdid its Gorilla advert.

5. Egg’n’spoon

The choreography was so popular in this advert that they had to create a How to video for The Shake dance. The message of joy is always clear in Cadbury ads and in this 2013 advert, we see a father and daughter dancing with each other and having a great time scooping the chocolatey snack and feeding each other.

6. Airport Trucks

Another “a GLASS and a HALF FULL PRODUCTION" for Cadbury Dairy Milk - one of the iconic chocolates from Cadbury - presented another wacky ad just a year after the Gorilla one. Instead of Phil Collins, Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now accompanied madcap airport trucks while they raced on tarmac.

7. Caramel Bunny

The 1980s animated Cadbury Caramel bunny was a chill girl, who wanted everyone to “Take it Easy.” The animated bunny was not as naughty as Bugs Bunny but her easy demeanour was surely a common point. The cute bunny was revived in 2009 with the tagline “Still got it.”

8. The Fingers

The Cadbury Milk Fingers recently partnered with the National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS) for the latest campaign but previous versions have been just as quirky as Gorilla and others. The 60 second ad by Agency Adam+Eve was also innovative and pushed the boundaries of creativity.

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