Two bed semi-detached house in. Price - Offers over £165,000 (Credit - Zoopla)Two bed semi-detached house in. Price - Offers over £165,000 (Credit - Zoopla)
Two bed semi-detached house in. Price - Offers over £165,000 (Credit - Zoopla)

Property for sale in Birmingham: 6 houses you can buy for under £250,000 in Birmingham

Here are the family homes you can buy in Birmingham - and not pay any stamp duty - in Longbridge, Quinton, Northfield, Weoley Castle, Yardley and Bartley Green

If you are in the market to buy a home, new Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng stamp duty cuts could be beneficial for you. The threshhold for stamp duty was increased for those buying their first homes and those buying their second, third or beyond. Birmingham has great houses in wonderful neighbourhoods with stunning properties that you can now buy - without paying stamp duty, first introduced in England in 1694, as a transaction tax to raise money for a war against France.

If you buy a home under £250,000 - even if it’s not your first - you won’t have to pay the stamp duty, as per the new rules introduced in the controversial mini budget last Friday (September 2). For first-time buyers, the threshold is £425,000 beyond which stamp duty must be paid. While interest rates are going up, it might still be worthwhile to keep your eyes on what’s in the market - and there are some lovely family homes up for grabs. From Northfield to Weoley Castle to Quinton - take your pick.

You could be someone searching for a place for your growing family or you could be just investing on a second property. Whatever your intentions, here are six homes in Birmingham listed on Zoopla that are worth a look