Birmingham Dogs Home: Eight adorable pooches are looking for a forever home - how you can help

Dogs can be great partners if you are going to explore the great outdoors and they’re lovely company at home

Animal charity Birmingham Dogs Home have several pooches up for adoption and you can make them yours. They can be a great addition to a family or for individuals.

Having a pet can be beneficial for adults and children alike. Kids learn to take responsibility and consider others before themselves when caring for a pet while adults benefit from having an active lifestyle thanks to their pets. They are also good for our mental health as they give us something positive to focus on, according to PDSA.

Dogs can be great partners if you are going to explore the great outdoors. Most of them like going on adventures and whether it’s a city park or hills or countryside, they can be great walking partners. They can also help humans build new connections and beat loneliness.

If you want to adopt any of the dogs staying at Birmingham Dogs Home, contact them through their website. If you want to see all the amazing things dogs can do, Crufts dog show is coming to the NEC from March 9-11.

In the meantime, here are eight dogs looking for a second chance and a loving family:

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